Videos of our customers

Real Estate Enovos Esch

This office building was about to return to normal activity levels after a year and a half of reduced occupancy and management wanted to ensure a high level of protection for their employees and give them confidence when they returned to the office. The whole building was treated, including the outdoor shared spaces and the shared fleet cars. It was the perfect opportunity to tidy up all the offices, so that everyone could start off on the right foot.

Gusto Steakhouse

The restaurant industry was particularly hard hit by financial losses at the beginning of the Corona pandemic and continues to be so today. The uncertainty was and is noticeable. However, by taking additional hygiene precautions with the long-term antimicrobial coating BactoAttaQ®, Steakhouse Gusto in the heart of Saarbrücken was able to alleviate some of its guests’ concerns. Seals of approval issued by the BactoAttaQ® Coating Team henceforth make the invisible surface coating visible andprovide additional confidence.

A&A Friseursalon

In times when hairdressing salons benefited from special regulations in the Corona Lockdown, A&A Friseursalon Dillingen took a particularly responsible approach to its privileges and developed a sustainable hygiene concept together with BactoAttaQ®. Especially for the hairdressing industry, where customers literally come and go every day, the self-disinfecting coating means significant relief, as permanent protection against special viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) and bacteria is also provided between regular cleaning and disinfection cycles.

Barrique Weinbar

The Barrique is a popular wine bar in the heart of the old town of Merzig. With the long-lasting antimicrobial surface protection BactoAttaQ®, operator Carsten was ableto offer his guests a bit more safety during their evening wine tasting, even in times ofstricter Corona rules. Since then, the antimicrobial BactoAttaQ® coating has ensuredthat all contact points are continuously freed from potential hazards such as multi-resistant bacteria and special viruses, such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Sakura Dojo

The BactoAttaQ® Coating Team experienced a very special visit to the Sakura Dojo, where once again the scope of the Corona pandemic came to light. It became obvious again that almost all branches of industry are affected by Corona – even the dojo next door. Where otherwise only the students pursue their Far Eastern martial arts, the antimicrobial surface coating now continuously fights bacteria, special viruses and other microorganisms for more than half a year.

Kosmetikinstitut Saskia Kremer

Especially in the cosmetics industry, direct customer contact is indispensable, which is why the risk of infection through so-called smear infections is particularly high. The special advantage that BactoAttaQ® represents for the cosmetic institute Saskia Kremer is its versatile application possibilities. Thus, the product variants of BactoAttaQ® could be used to antimicrobially coat both absorbent surfaces (such as textiles, upholstery or leather) and all non-absorbent surfaces (such as metal, wood or plastics) for a period of one year.

360 Physiotherapie

At the turn of the year 2020/2021, dreisechszig Physiotherapie upgraded once again in terms of hygiene protection. Together with BactoAttaQ® Coating Team, all rooms and training equipment were coated with BactoAttaQ® for a long time. Even without further post-treatment, the protection will remain in place until 2022, offering the dreisechszig operators and their guests continuous additional protection against possible smear infections caused by bacteria, special viruses and other microorganisms until then.