With the BactoAttaQ®Coating Team we offer you a unique room disinfection concept.Have your private and commercial premises coated with our long-lasting surface protection BactoAttaQ®.In Luxembourg, the Coating Team works in cooperation with Global Facilities.

Covid-19 changes hygiene awareness

The effects of the coronavirus are keeping the German economy on tenterhooks. Ourunderstanding of hygiene has changed fundamentally. Every contact with other people is a potential source of danger. In the wake of the pandemic, therefore, more attention must be paid to people’s needs and a high level of safety must be ensured.

So what to do if you are in constant contact with other people? Disinfection with conventional chemical agents protects the user only for the moment. Each subsequent contact re-contaminates the surface and carries a risk of infection.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the risk of infection is almost the same both on surfaces and in the air due to the transmission of aerosols.

This is how the BactoAttaQ® Coating Team works


In the first step, we clean your rooms with a specially developed biological disinfectant, so that your employees, your visitors, your customers or other contact persons will find not only a clean, but also a safe environment.

BactoAttaQ® coating

The second step consists of our innovative and unique BactoAttaQ® coating, which forms an antimicrobial protective film on surfaces after a 6-hour curing time. The special feature of BactoAttaQ® is that this self-disinfecting effect is maintained continuously for over a year1 , thus providing excellent protection even between cleaning cycles.

Room air hygiene (optional)

Optionally, we offer room air disinfection, which can be carried out by nebulization in all rooms and in the presence of people. In order to be able to implement this nebulization optimally, we work in direct cooperation with your and/or our air conditioning technicians. By placing our nebulizers BactoAttaQ® Air in a specific way, the times and the amount of liquid to be supplied can be optimized and adaptedto your needs.

All our products in the field of disinfection physically combat specific viruses, bacteria,fungi, algae or mold and thus prevent the formation of resistance.

We will be happy to advise you and are sure that we can provide you with individual options for efficient disinfection of your rooms.

Areas of application of room disinfection

Room disinfection makes sense in all rooms with regular transit traffic. We therefore recommend our room air hygiene and surface disinfection service in public rooms as well as in rooms with regular customer and employee contact.

Below you will find a selection of corresponding areas where our service can be usefully employed.

However, the application of BactoAttaQ® coating and fogging is also useful in rooms with little through traffic, as employees can also bring microorganisms with them fromoutside. With the help of room air nebulization, employees can be provided with optimal hygiene of the room air, which, in addition to the benefits of disinfection, also has an odor-inhibiting effect and helps allergy sufferers with their daily problems.

Office tables and chairs, keyboard, mouse, telephone, printer, vending machines, coffee machine

Restaurant tables and chairs, counter/bar, tap, coffee maker, kitchen, kitchen utensils, refrigerator ³

Fitness equipment, dumbbells, loungers, lockers, tanning bed, showers, toilets, sauna

Seats, handles, belts, discs, cash desk

Classrooms, school desks, chairs, door handles, toilets, technical equipment, kiosk, lockers

Interior, dashboards, seats, trunk

Sports equipment, spectator seats, door handles, toilets.

Hospitals and care facilities, surfaces with high risk of infection, countertops and floors ²

Doors, tables & chairs, bathrooms, bedding, air conditioning, lobby, elevators, gastronomic area.

Door handles, elevators, tables & chairs, keyboard, mouse, telephone, printer, vending machines, coffee machine

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1 The BactoAttaQ® coating can last up to 365 days
² Not suitable for disinfecting medical products; not suitable for use in surgical facilities
³ Not for use with direct food contact